Slime Blaster Station for an epic color run

Having a slime station at your next fun run will definitely bring joy and laughter for the participants getting slimed and the volunteers who get to slime them. A slime station will turn a normal fun run into a slime filled color run! This is a fantastic fundraising idea for schools, churches and other groups and is bound to get people excited to join the run. Click here for more unique fundraising ideas.

Slime blaster stations for an epic color run

What is a fun run slime Blaster station?

A slime blaster station is a section of a fun run course where volunteers are lined up with huge buckets of colorful slime and water guns to cover participants in goo as they pass through the section. 

Party GOAT™ Instant Slime allows you to make huge quantities of super colorful slime.
Simply add water. Each bag of Instant slime mix makes 32 Gallons of slime!
Available in 4 awesome colors - Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue! 

What Do you need for a slime station?

  • PartyGoat Slime
  • Large tubs to hold the slime
  • Water blasters to shoot the slime
  • Water to make the slime
slime blaster slime station for fun run

 How much slime do I need?
Work out how many participants you expect to have at your slime run and then allow for around 1/3 of a gallon of slime per participant. 
Doing the MATH...
Each bag of PartyGOAT instant slime makes 32 gallons...
You have 400 participants in the slime run... 
400 x 1/3 gallon = 133 gallons
133/32 gallons = About 4 bags of PartyGOAT Instant Slime! (For the scenario above I would suggest 1 bag of each color slime). 

How Many Buckets for the Slime?

At least 8 large tubs - Party Goat slime comes in 4 colors and you will want a slime blaster volunteer for each color on either side of the running track to blast the fun run competitors with color as they run though. 🤣

"It was great the kids loved it. It didn’t stain anything and easy to wash off." - Jenifer T.

slime fundraiser how to make bulk slime for a color run
Slime obstacle for color run slime blasters

 How many slime blasters do I need at each slime station?
This will depend upon how many volunteers you can get to man the slime station. The more slime the better.
Minimun would be one slime blaster per tub.
Two slime blasters per tub would be ideal as one volunteer can reload while the other is slime blasting the guests. 
It certainly isn't hard to find slime blaster volunteers as it really is a lot of fun for everyone.

How to Make Slime for a color fun run?

Party GOAT™ Instant Slime Packages make it so easy to make bulk slime color run events, slime the principal or slime the teacher days, slime bath, and so many more slime games. Simply add water to the powder and watch it turn into a sludgy slime. Each bag of Instant slime powder makes up to 32 Gallons! Available in 4 vibrant colors Party GOAT slime is your best option.
See the quick video. 

SLIME Safety

Party GOAT slime in non toxic and biodegradable. It does not contain any harmful chemicals often found in other slime products or home made recipes. Our Instant Slime does not contain Borax or Boron. The BBC Health news has advised parents against using or making slime with these ingredients. For more details click here -

Other Slime Fundraiser Ideas


Fill a dunk tank with slime - This is another awesome fundraising idea. Take your dunk tank to the next level by filling it will slime! Party GOAT instant slime makes bulk quantities of slime so filling an entire tub is easy.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh! OH MY GOD!!!!.." - Amy Watkins (Dunkee)

Fill a dunking tank with slime

Slime Crawl Pit

Slime Crawl Pit
 - Fill a large pool with slime for a hilarious fun run obstacle. Make your competitors crawl through the slippery, slimy, sludge and emerge looking like the hulk!

"This product produces a heavy, thick coating or a lighter, thinner coating - depending on the mix ratio. The color is amazing! A wonderful gunge play medium.." - Jason

Dunk tank Alternatives Using Slime

Watch the videos below to learn how you can make a dunk tank alternative using items that may already be at your house or school. These two games are super cheap and easy to set up helping you to maximize the profits as a fundraising activity. The slime will ensure lots of eager paying participants and plenty of laughs as volunteers get slimed. Click here for even more slime games and instructions on how to build your own Nickelodeon style game show.

Buy Slime, Instant Mud or Jello here

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Instant slime get slimed with sliming games and challenges
Instant slime get slimed with sliming games and challenges
Instant Slime for sliming the teacher principal fundraising slime large buckets gallons
bulk instant slime mix for slime fights color runs balloon pop fundraisers
slime dunk tank filled with party goat instant slime bulk
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Instant slime get slimed on head slime blaster
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Buy blue slime bulk supply for big event fun run PARTY GOAT
Green slime for sale get slimed bulk supply for big event



More information about slime, mud and jello can be found on our original website Jello Wrestling Supply.

Do your kids love slime or jello? Consider throwing them a slime themed birthday party with an awesome slime slide or play an epic game of jello tug of war! Located in Australia? Click here for information about fun run slime and here for our complete guide to school colour runs.

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