Unique Fundraiser Ideas with Slime

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We have developed a range of unique products that are perfect for a large range of fun, crazy, unique and memorable fundraising events. This huge list will give you interesting and exciting ways to raise money for your school, church, sports group or non profit organization. Below we discuss our favorite slime, mud, and jello fundraiser ideas that we are sure you will love. The ideas vary from quick and easy to set up on a low budget fundraising ideas, to a little more extravagant fundraisers. Whichever one you choose they are all hilarious fundraisers that are  guaranteed to get a lot of participation!

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Slime Fundraising Ideas

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Why do a slime fundraiser?

Slime is as popular today as it has ever been. There is just something about it that kids and adults seem to enjoy. Slime fundraisers are unique, creative, and heaps of fun. This is perfect as unique fundraising ideas will get more attention and excitement, which will in turn lead to more donations and more money raised. Slime fundraisers make for unforgettable events that leave everyone wanting more.

Which slime to use?

Party GOAT Slime was specially design for a range of unique fundraising activities, games and events. Unlike other types of slime, our slime is non staining, non sticky, non toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, gluten free, pet friendly and safe for kids. It is also able to be made in huge quantities by simply adding water. It is the perfect choice for the activities listed in this article.

1. Slime Bucket Challenge

One of the quickest and easiest slime fundraisers to organise is a slime bucket challenge. This is where a volunteer offers to be slimed if certain fundraising targets are met. At schools for example this might be the teachers or parents. At church it might be the youth minister. At work it could be the boss, managers or certain employees. For a charity you might try to convince a local celebrity or a politician to volunteer to be slimed.

A slime bucket fundraiser can be an event on it's own, or it can be a great way to finish off the day after a slime color run or some other fundraising initiative.

We have put together a detailed guide on how to do a slime bucket fundraiser. Click the link for more details.

  • school fundraising ideas slime the teachers

    Slime the teacher

    Kids absolutley love watching people get covered in ooey gooey slime. For this reason slime the teacher events are a fantastic activity to add to your school's fundraising calendar. They are a hilarious incentive to motivate kid's to raise money at schools, or to encourage good behavior. The highest earners or best behaved can be the ones that get to pour the slime!

  • Slime the youth pastor

    Slime the youth pastor days are very popular at a large number of churches and are a great way to encourage people to raise money. These events ensure that fun memories are made with the church community.

  • Slime the boss

    Slime the boss fundraisers are a great way to let your employees have a bit of fun and make some great memories. They are also a great way for the boss to show leadership, putting their body on the line in support of great causes within the community.

2. Slime Color Fun Run

Have you ever participated in a color run where volunteers throw color powder at the runners as they pass by? A slime color run is a similar concept except rather than throwing color powder, volunteers spray the runners with colorful slime using water blasters.

Slime color runs are a heap of fun for both the volunteers and participants. Participants pay to compete or seek sponsorships from their family and friends. This makes a slime fun run a fantastic way to make money for schools, churches and other non profits. A slime color run is usually a 1 to 5K run that has various slime stations located around the track. Volunteers wait at each station with huge tubs full of slime and slime blasters in hand. As runner run passed, the volunteers spray them with slime from the slime guns.

This is a great alternative to a color powder run that can be used on its on or in addition to color powder stations. We have put together a detailed guide on how to do a slime color run. Click the link below for more information about slime runs!

Slime colour run

3. Dunk tank alternatives with Slime

Dunk tanks or dunking machines have always been popular fundraising activities. For an exciting slimy twist we have provided 2 simple to make dunk tank alternatives that can be set up on a super low budget (we made both these games with items we found around our house). Slime is then added in place of water to ensure that kids will be excited to participate. These games are guaranteed to get a line up of people wanting the chance to slime the volunteers!  Watch the videos below to learn how to make the slime bucket target challenge or the slime pitch burst challenge!

Instant can also be used to completely fill dunking machines with slime. Click the link for more details.

4. Slime or Mud Pie Fundraiser

A slime pie fundraiser is another game that is a similar to a dunk tank but less expensive to set up. You can easily make this game yourself and will not require a large dunking machine. Contestants pay for the opportunity to throw a slime pie or mud pie at a volunteer. Again this could be a teacher, youth pastor, boss, coach, parent or friend of the school, church or organization. Mud pies can be made using the Party GOAT instant mud package and Slime Pies can be made using Party Goat Instant Slime.

To set up a slime pie fundraiser simply cut a face sized hole out of a large board. We then recommend placing some sort of wire mesh across the hole so that only the slime or mud will come through (and no hard objects). Make up thick mud pies or slime pies on small paper or plastic bowls. The volunteer positions their face behind the hole and challengers pay per pie for the chance to throw a pie at the target. Slime pie challenges are a lot of fun and bound to get some laughs from participants as well as spectators.

As an added activity for schools and youth groups you can paint the board around the head hole with a fun picture. Watch the video above for more information on how to make a slime pie or mud pie fundraiser. 

5. Obstacle Run Fundraiser

An obstacle course race is similar to a color run but rather than being covered in color, participants race through a series of obstacles and challenges.

Instant Slime, Instant Mud and even jello can also be used to create epic obstacles for fun runs. Simply fill a large pool with slime, mud or easy set jello and then use a net to make your competitors get down low and crawl through the goo, mud or jello as part of the challenge.

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6. Tug of War into a pool of Slime, Mud or Jello

  • This is a simple, fun and unique fundraising idea that people of all ages will love. The exciting twist in this game is that at the centre of each tug of war rope you will position a large pool full of slime, jello or mud. Teams then compete as you normally would in a game of tug o war but the losing team won't just get pulled across the line, they will get pulled into a huge messy pool!

  • Have people register teams and pay an entry fee to compete in the tug of war competition. Draw up a schedule for a knock out competition or a round robin.

    You might even consider a different pool for each round of the competition e.g. round 1 teams get pulled into bulk slime, round 2 teams get pulled into a pool of jello, round 3 teams get pulled into a sloppy pool of mud.

  • These tug of war competitions are sure to bring a crowd so there will be plenty of ways to raise extra money. Charge a small entry fee to spectators. Sell food and drink. Sell raffle tickets. Sell photos of teams getting pulled into the messy pool etc.

7. Slime Game Show Fundraiser

In a similar way to the slime tug of war game above, a slime game show fundraiser is where teams or individuals pay to participate in a series of knock out style slime games. This will not only be a lot of fun for the participants but also great fun for the spectators watching the games. Have teams or individuals pay to compete and/or spectate. Get creative with the slime games you create. Click here for lots of ideas on making your own slime game show.

Our new Slimageddon game is the ultimate slime games pack. This game can be used for over 20 ridiculous slime challenges and game show style games. Slimageddon will make organising a slime games fundraiser a breeze. 

The pack contains everything you need for a huge range of games suitable for kids and adults.

8. Slime or Jello Slide Fundraiser

A slime, mud or jello slide fundraiser is where participants donate money or get sponsored to be able to take on a crazy slide. The slide can be a large slip and slide into a huge pool full of slime, jello, mud or whatever else you think is fun and unique (we recommend our products as they are super slippery, easy to set up and environmentally friendly). You can make a slide by partnering with an inflatable hire company (the equipment will get a little messy but our products are non staining and will hose off). Or buy your own inflatable, or simply make a large slide down a hill using a huge roll of black plastic and an inflatable pool. Click here for more information on Slime Slides. The video below show a Jello Slide fundraiser using a simple plastic kid's playground slide and a giant pool of jello.

9. Glow in the Dark Fundraiser

A glow in the dark school dance fundraiser has nothing to do with slime but we thought we'd slip it in as it is a fantastic fundraising idea for schools or church youth groups. Tell kids to dress up in fluorescent neon colors and then surround a darkened room with UV black lights. Set up neon party decorations around the room. The UV lights will make the neon clothes and decorations illuminate in the dark room. Charge an admission fee to enter the glow in the dark dance party. Have a DJ playing a great party mix. To make additional money you can sell novelty flashing items or glow sticks. Another great fundraising idea is to set up face painters that use only fluorescent colors that will glow underneath the black lights and have people pay a small fee to get their face painted. Click here for a more detailed run down on How to do a glow in the dark fundraiser.