How to set up mud wrestling?

How to set up mud wrestling?

All you need to set up a mud wrestling event is a large inflatable pool and a Party GOAT™ Instant Mud package. Each bag of instant mud will make up to 60 Gallons of a thick, slimy, sludge that is perfect for wrestling. Unlike regular mud this product has been specially designed for wrestling. It is clean, germ free and extra slippery to make for a hilarious and challenging wrestling experience.  

How to prepare mud for mud wrestling?

How to set up mud wrestling?Party GOAT™ instant mud has been specially designed to make mud wrestling as easy as possible. Simply add the correct amount of water to your inflatable pool (60 Gallons of water for every bag of mud powder). Sprinkle the powder into the water while stirring to avoid clumping. The powder will instantly begin to transform into a thick, dark, clean mud. 




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The best pools to choose for mud wrestling have 3, or at the very least 2 inflatable rings. These inflatable pools hold their shape better if a wrestler lands on the edge. This helps to keep the mud from spilling over the edges. Also if one of the rings accidentally pops you still have one or two rings to hold the mud in, so the wrestling action can continue.

Some good pool options are listed below. The bigger the pool the better, as it will give the wrestlers more room to throw each other around, and more than two people can wrestle at once. Larger pools do cost a bit more though, and require more mud, so select a pool based on your budget. Don't worry too much, we have had a great time wrestling in some fairly small pools.


 More info about Mud Wrestling

Head to our dedicated Jello and Mud wrestling website for more information about Mud Wrestling and Jello Wrestling.

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