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Instant Slime

  • Dana

    "This product was so much fun. It was the perfect thickness to squirt from the long, tube like water squirters, while still being thick and slimy. When the kids were done playing, it was easy to rinse all the slime off of clothes and hair with a water hose. Zero staining from the colors. I’d buy this product again. It was fun, easy to use, messy, but easy to clean once we were done!"

  • Elizabeth

    "Our PTO used this slime as a fundraising reward for students - “sliming” the teachers.
    We prepared one bucket of slime per teacher. The powder/water mix format makes it very easy to adapt how thin or thick we wanted it. We slimed 16 teachers, and didn’t even finish the bag!
    Would recommend to anyone doing a similar activity!"

  • Monika

    "Got this for my son's 7th birthday party and the kids had a blast shooting each other with slime with water blasters. The slime mixed up quick and it makes tons of bright colored slime!"

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Holi Color Powder

Color Powder for Color Run Fun & Epic Color Wars

Every box of our premium color powder is a ticket to an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re gearing up for a color run, igniting the fun at a color war, or celebrating the vibrant traditions of Holi, our high-quality holi powders promise to make every moment pop. Our chalk powder is crafted to ensure that each burst of color is not only spectacular but also safe, skin-friendly, and easy to wash off. So why wait? Turn your event into a masterpiece of memories!

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Instant mud run family.jpg__PID:5803c0fe-70ea-42a4-993c-25cfb49977cf

Instant Mud

Just add water to make huge quantities of clean fake mud. Perfect for mud games, mud run obstacles, or mud wrestling.

Mud Testimonial

"We host a Mudventure Fun Run for kids 5-12 that runs throughout our spectacular park grounds. One of our 18 obstacles was inflatable pools filled with Instant Mud. It was slimey, slippery and a little gross...exactly what I wanted. The kids loved it. It was the perfect addition to our event." Godley Park District

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Instant Snow

Realistic fake snow for snow play, Christmas decorating, Frozen themed parties, school experiments and more.

Snow Testimonial

"I needed artificial snow for a photo shoot and this product was literally perfect. Super easy to make and super realistic looking! Also a lot of fun." Belton Garr

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Easy Set Jello

Just add water to our unique jello mix to make up to 100 Gallons of imitation jello for jello games, fun runs, or jello wrestling events. No refrigeration or boiling water required!

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