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The Glowave kit contains 4 POWERFUL black lights 115 watts (to surround the party in UV light), 2 x 12volt 5amp power supplies (simply plug them in), adhesive backing (just stick them to the walls), fixing clips and hooks included (for more permanent fixing options).   Free 1 to 3 day shipping on this item!

🥳 SUPER EASY TO SET UP! Extra long cables on each of the black lights allow you to put one on each wall to glow from every angle! 

🥳 THE MOST POWERFUL BLACKLIGHT STRIPS - The LED UV chips in our ultraviolet lights are SMD5050. They have 3 LED diodes in one housing (Called tri-chips). They are a lot brighter than the single diode 3528 LED chips most others are selling (that only run off 2A or 3A power). Our Glowave kits are SAFE 395nm wavelength black lights. Real ultraviolet!

🥳 USE FOR - Glow in the dark parties, neon parties, fluorescent clothing, school dances, DJs, stage lighting, blacklight posters, fluro decorations, UV paints, tapestry, art exhibitions, discos, 70s parties, birthdays, weddings, ultra violet body paints and tattoos, black light dodgeball, mini golf, fun runs at night.

🥳 GREAT FOR LARGE AREAS - One Glowave blacklight kit will light up a large room, bedroom, party space or double garage, 2 glow party kits will light up a large party space or a couple of rooms, 4 of these black light kits will light up an entire indoor basketball court, big gym, yoga studio, nightclub rave parties, church or school dance halls. Make your neon party clothing, neon decorations, fluro paints and pens look incredible!

🥳 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - New and improved stock 2019. If you are not completely satisfied with this black light kit, please let us know why, our customer service team will happily fix your problem or issue a full refund. KEY FEATURES - Safe UVA level, will not heat up, smash resistant, easy storage, reusable (with use of command strips), Huge life span, each light is 6.5ft/2m length 120 LEDs per strip. Plug and play (no wiring required).

View more info and ideas view our Black Light Party Guide!