jello TUG OF WAR

If you are planning a college or school fundraising event, corporate team day, bucks or hens party or even a fun church youth group activity, you won't find more fun than a
Jello Tug of War!
This ridiculously fun and slippery battle will have everyone wanting to join in and here we tell you just how easy it is to throw a successful Jello Tug of War event.

Jello Tug of War

What is jello tug of war?

A Jello Tug of War battle is a more fun, slippery and gooey take on everyone's favorite game, "Tug of War".
Two teams battle it out on either side of an inflatable pool full of jello. That's right...water is for the weak!
The strongest team who pull the rope the hardest will have their opponents fall face first into the pool, covering them from head to toe in soft, slippery jello. 
As the tug of war continues and everyone gets more and more covered in jello, the game will progressively get more challenging, making for some seriously hilarious fun! 
Watch this awesome video below to see all of the jello action (coming soon)! 


With Party GOAT Jello, filling a pool with jello has never been easier! Here are some super easy instructions to help you when setting up your jello pool. 


Simply add the crystals to an inflatable pool and add 100 gallons of water per package of crystals. Mix around once and leave the product to set for a minimum of three hours (the product will not melt, the earlier you set it up the bigger the chunks of jello will get).
No refrigeration necessary, no boiling water required.
Depending on how big your inflatable pool is, will depend on how many packets of jello you will need.
Please see our jello calculator to help with your set up and check out the video below on filling a pool with jello.

what events would be suitable for a jello tug of war?

 A jello tug of war would be a perfect activity to have at any type of college, school or church fundraising event, as they have great potential for people wanting to join in on the fun and pay money to do so. Each participant would pay a small fee to enter, with the option of entering teams for a higher fee. It is also a great idea for a church youth group activity as it appeals to both kids and adults. The jello tug of war could also be turned into a fun competitive tournament on college campuses or simply set up in an outdoor area at any celebration. There's always a good reason to have a jello tug of war battle!

Jello Tug of War FundraiserTug of War JelloJello Tug of War Battle fundraising

How to dispose of jello

Disposing of Party GOAT Jello could not be easier!

After your awesome jello tug of war event, simply shovel the non toxic, biodegradable jello particles into near by garden beds, dump it in large trash cans or dumpsters, or flush it down suitable sized drains. Or add salt to the pool and leave it sit overnight, this will help to break the jello back down into water that can be easily drained. Watch the video here

Buying the jello

Party GOAT Jello is the best jello product on the market for games and wrestling events. It comes in 3 bright fun colors; RED, GREEN and ORANGE. Each bag makes a whooping 100 gallons.
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jello safety

Party GOAT Jello is non toxic, biodegradable and does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is non-staining and can be easily washed from clothing. Please be advised that jello can be slippery, so we advise to always clean any residue jello that may land around the dunk tank area to avoid any slips or injury. This jello is designed for recreational use only (games etc) and is not for human consumption.



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