How to do a mud run? Epic Mud Run Ideas below!

Everyone loves to get down and dirty from time to time so having a mud run is the perfect way to fulfill your desires. In this mud run guide we will talk you through different mud run ideas and where to get good clean mud! Learn how to have a mud run fundraiser with mud run obstacles throughout the course or just add a mud run section to your school color run. 

What is a Mud Run?

A mud run is an obstacle race centered around mud themed hazards. They often include mud pits, mud crawls, mud slides, mud covered inflatables, balance beams and mud fights.  A Mud run is a great fundraising activity for schools, churches and other non profits. Click here for more awesome, unique and messy fundraising ideas using instant mud and slime.

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What mud to use for Mud Runs?

Party GOAT™ Instant Mud takes all the hassle out of supplying clean mud for your mud run. Each pack makes a huge 60 gallons of a clean mud like substance.

The obvious problem with real mud is that it is dirty. Dirt that you dig straight from the ground can have sharp objects in it like sticks and rocks and harmful bacteria. It also takes a fair bit of man power to dig up enough mud for your obstacles as well. 

Party GOAT™ Instant Mud is a dark mud so that it looks better in photos than a common light creamy colored mud. It is easy to clean up and a safe mud alternative for all of the mud run ideas below. If you are located in Australia or New Zealand click here for mud run supplies

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Mud crawl pits!

A mud crawl pit is a crowd favorite as it makes the fun run participants get down low to slide through the mud giving them a good coating when they emerge out the other side.

For this mud obstacle you will just need a crawl net, long rope or flagging tape that you can use to create something they have to crawl under. A large inflatable pool or a large tarp to hold the  mud and enough Party GOAT™ Instant Mud to fill up the pool or pit.

Check out the fun video to get an idea of how to do it. 

"It was great the kids loved it. It didn’t stain anything and easy to wash off." - Jenifer T.

Mud run crawl net mud pit


how to do a mud run mud fundraiserMud run mud pit for kids

There are a few ways to do a classic mud pit depending on the size of your event.
If your fun run is just for kids you might go the cheap option of an inflatable pool from the discount store to fill with mud as seen in the pictures on the left.
If you have a huge crowd you might want to consider buying a large heat sealed inflatable pool made from thick pvc.
Another popular option is to make a rectangle out of hay bales and then use a large tarp to hold all of the mud as seen below with this huge jello pit.

Jello pit for fun runs mud runs

How to do Mud run slides!

Every mud run should have a mud slide! 
PartyGOAT™ Instant Mud is perfect for mud slides as it is slippery and slimy and doesn't have anything scratchy in it like real mud.

For this mud obstacle you will just need a a hill with a tarp and a sump pump or you can buy or hire an inflatable slide.

Set up an inflatable pool or a pit at the end of the slide and fill it with mud. Drop the sump pump into a corner and run the hose pipe up the side of the slide to have it pouring onto your muddy slope. 
Check out the funny mud slide videos 🤣

Other Mud run obstacles

Some popular mud run obstacles that are fairly easy to create are balance beams and monkey bars.

Balance beams can be anything from long logs simply placed on the ground and covered in slippery mud to large planks suspended over a pool of mud. 
Monkey bars over a mud pool are very exciting. You can go for a solid classic construction like in the video or you could go for a ninja slack line style with ropes and hoops. 


Party GOAT mud is non toxic and biodegradable. It does not contain any harmful chemicals often found in real mud. Our instant mud comes in 4 pound bags of powder that makes 60 gallons of clean fun run mud.

Slime Ideas For Your School

Fun runs using slime

Party GOAT Instant slime can be used in many ways as a great fundraiser for your school and can be used for slime the youth pastor activities at church. Click here for more details on slime fun runs, information on slime the principal fundraising and the best ways to use instant slime and mud for fundraising events. Need fun run slime in Australia? Click here to visit our Australian site and view our huge school colour run guide.

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