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❤️ Makes 100Gal (380L) of THE BEST bulk Jello for Wrestling! (please note - this product is not designed for consumption). 

💚 JUST ADD WATER to make chunky, slippery, slimy Jello! NO REFRIGERATION OR BOILING WATER required.

🧡  NON TOXIC, 100% BIODEGRADABLE. Jello Wrestling Supply product WILL NOT MELT in hot weather. Set in any temperature. Non sticky and non staining wrestling jello.

❤️ GREAT FOR wrestling, games, fun run obstacles, jello tug of war (losing team gets pulled into the jello), jelly slide, bachelor parties, stag party, fraternities, sororities, philanthropy, birthdays, spring break, summer camp, messy fun, bikini fights, fundraising and more!

💚 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you are not happy with the product, tell us why for a full refund.

For Jello Wrestling Rules, Games to play with Jello, Jello fundraising ideas and more visit our GOAT Jello Wrestling Party Guide.