How do you set up Jello Wrestling?

Setting up a jello wrestling pool is easier than you might think thanks to the awesome Party Goat™ Jello Wrestling Package. This package contains an easy set jello wrestling mix that transforms into wrestling jello by simply adding water. There is no refrigeration or boiling of water required with this unique jello wrestling product. Just add it to the pool and mix it with 100 Gallons of water per bag. Unlike store bought jello the product will not melt in the hot sun. It does takes a few hours to set, so be sure to add the water a few hours before your party start time. 

Which jello is used for wrestling? 

how do you set up jello for wrestling?
Party GOAT™ Jello Wrestling Mix is the only choice when it comes to wrestling games for following reasons -
  • Specially designed for wrestling and games
  • Easy set product, JUST ADD WATER!
  • No refrigeration or boiling water required
  • Makes a huge quantity of wrestling jello - 100Gal per bag
  • Will not melt in the hot sun
  • Looks and feels amazing - chunky jello that wobbles in your hand!

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Jello For Wrestling 

See the Party GOAT Jello for wrestling in action below at a range of awesome jello wrestling parties.


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Why you shouldn't use regular store bought jello for jello wrestling?

Using regular jello is not a great solution for the following reasons

  • Regular jello needs to be mixed with large quantities of boiling water and then put into a refrigerator to cool. This requires a huge amount of fridge space. Also adding this much heat to a fridge is not good a good idea (we learnt this the hard way). The first time we tried to make bulk jello for wrestling, we burnt out our parents fridge as it tried to cool down all the hot steam. 
  • Store bought jello comes in small packages and the quantity you need to fill a pool can be expensive as well as a time consuming process. 
  • As regular jello is set in a refrigerator it needs to be kept cool or it will quickly melt. Add some hot bodies to the jello and it won't be long before you have a sticky liquid soup. 
  • The jello wrestling package above has been designed to solve all of these issues. It's super easy to set up, cost effective, won't break your fridge and will not melt.

what is the best jello for jello wrestling jello wrestling party goat

What sort of pool should I use for Jello Wrestling?

If you plan to use an inflatable pool (this is the easiest choice) make sure you buy a pool with more than one inflatable ring. The three ringed pools are the best as they hold their shape better when people are wrestling inside them. Also in the off chance that one of the inflatable rings pops from the intense wrestling action you still have another two rings inflated to keep the jello in the pool. DO NOT buy the pools with a single ring at the top. The Jello will pour out the second someone lands on the side of the pool.

Rectangular pools are usually best suited to one on one wrestling. If you want to have more than 2 people wrestling at a time we recommend the octagonal pools shown below.

what are the best pools for jello wrestling?how to do jello wrestling?



How to set up the Jello Wrestling Pool?

We recommend you place some form of padding (an old mattress, or blanket perhaps) underneath the pool when wrestling on hard surfaces for added comfort.

1. Inflate the pool. 

2. Add the Party Goat™ Jello Wrestling package.

3. Measure and add 100 Gallons of water per bag of jello wrestling crystals. Click here to work out how much jello you need for your jello wrestling pool.

4. To let the jello reach it's maximum size wait for at least 3 hours. 

5. Put on your best jello wrestling attire and get ready to rumble!

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Jello Wrestling Rules - How to win at jello wrestling?

There are many different games that can be played in a pool of jello. Click the link to be taken to our Jello Wrestling Rules page.

Jello Wrestling rules and games     how to make a pool of jello for wrestling

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