How to have an Epic Slime Color War?

In this article we teach you how to have an unforgettable slime color war using water blasters, water balloons and Party GOAT Instant Slime!

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How to have a slime war

What is a Slime War?

A slime war is like a water fight but more fun. Rather than using water, you fill your water guns and water balloons with Party GOAT Slime. This turns the battle into a slime color war. Participants usually wear white or light colored clothing to make it easier to see the slime splatters.

Party GOAT slime comes in 6 bright colors allowing you to have up to 6 teams, each with their own colored slime. At the end of the battle you can clearly see which team landed the most slime on their opponents to determine the winner.

A slime war is an exciting new alternative to a color powder war, or paint war (and much easier to clean up).

What do you need for a Slime Color War?

To have a slime color war you need a few basic items: slime, a tub or bucket to mix the slime, water blasters and/or water balloons. Depending on how you plan to fill the water balloons with slime you may also need a water balloon pump, or a small funnel, or a Slimageddon gun (which doubles as a water balloon pump). I will explain the requirements of each item in more detail in the sections below.

You can buy each of these items separately, or you can buy our Slimageddon slime games pack.

Slimageddon comes complete with 15 gallons of slime, 2 slime guns, 60 water balloons (slime balloons), 12 x 3L slime buckets, a reusable slime grenade and a few other slime themed components. As well as having a slime battle, this pack allows you to try 20 more hilarious slime themed challenges or slime party games.

how to make slime for a color run

How do you make slime for a slime war?

Party GOAT Instant Slime makes it incredibly easy to make huge amounts of slime for a slime war.

Simply add water to a large tub or bucket, sprinkle in the slime powder, and give it a quick mix.

Can I use other types of slime in water guns?

Party GOAT slime was specially designed for slime wars using water guns. It has the perfect consistency. Other types of slime would usually be too thick and/or sticky to use in water guns.

Slime War Slime

Our Instant Slime Battle Pack makes 40 gallons (160L) of slime. It comes with 4 color sachets to make 10 gallons (40L) of each color of slime - green, yellow, pink and blue. Our Slime Expansion Pack makes 20 gallons (80L) of slime. It contains 10 gallons (40L) of two new colors - orange and purple. Single color slime packages are also available that make 25 gallons (95L) per pack.

How to use a Slime Blaster Gun

What are the best slime blasters?

One of the best things about using Party GOAT Slime is that is does not require any special or expensive slime blaster guns. As shown in the videos on this page any of the suck and spray style water guns will work with our slime. You can choose to use the Slimageddon guns (which are awesome because they double as water balloon pumps) or you can purchase water blasters from places like Amazon or the Dollar Tree. We have listed some options below. This makes it cost effective to have a large slime war where everyone gets their own gun.

Please note: we do not recommend water guns with canisters on the back, as they are often difficult to fill with slime and slow down the slime war.

Slime Blaster Battles

How to make slime balloons

There are a few options when it comes to filling water balloons with slime. The easiest way is to use a Slimageddon gun (see video below) or a water balloon pump.

To use a water balloon pump, simply mix the slime in the water balloon pump container and then pump it into the water balloons.

Alternatively, you can use a small funnel to sprinkle approximately 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of slime powder into each balloon, then add the water and shake it up to make slime bombs. You will need to play around with the amount of slime powder to suit the size of your water balloons. A little less powder will make for a more watery slime, a little more powder will make for a thicker slime.

We suggest you make up a large number of slime bombs prior to your slime war so that they are ready to go. That way you won't need to refill water bombs with slime during the game.

How to make slime bombs

Slime War Vs Paint War

Unlike paint war products, Party GOAT slime is safe, non toxic, environmentally friendly, non staining and non sticky.

Cleaning up after a slime war is easy in comparison to paint war products.

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Clean up and safety

Party GOAT Slime is non toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, gluten free, pet friendly and safe for kids. Unlike other slime products it does not contain borax or other harmful chemicals. Although not designed for consumption, swallowing mixed Party GOAT slime is not expected to cause any harmful reactions.

Party GOAT Slime is non staining, non sticky and easy to clean. Whatch the video below for an easy clean up demonstration.

Easy slime clean up

How to have an Epic Slime Color War?

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