How to have an epic slime war?
Slime fights with Slime Blasters & Slime Bombs!

Want to take your water fights to the next level? In this article we teach you how to have an epic slime war using Party GOAT Instant Slime! Party GOAT slime comes in 4 bright colors. You can get slimed in all 4 colors, or have team battles where each team gets their own colored slime. Unlike water gun fights where it is hard to tell who has won the battle, in a slime fight it is easy to see which team lands the most colored slime on their opponents. Our slime powder has been specially designed to make huge amounts of slime that will hit you with a disgusting splatter. Party GOAT slime is safe, non toxic, environmentally friendly and best of all easy to clean up! Unlike other brands of slime, our slime requires no special overpriced guns or refill packages that only produce a small amount of slime. Our Slime Battle packages make 10 Gallons of all 4 colors of slime (40 Gal of slime total per battle pack). Our individual colored slime packages make a whopping 32 Gallons of slime in the color of your choice. Below we show you how you can have a slime war using standard water bombs, regular water blasters, and ridiculously huge amounts of Party GOAT slime. Our non sticky and non staining slime is perfect for a slime war!

How to have a slime fight?

In the video above we used regular water blasters that can be purchased online for a few dollars each and filled them with Party GOAT Instant Slime. We used a small plastic funnel to put a 1/4 teaspoon of slime powder into each water bomb to make the slime bombs. 

Which slime blaster is the best?

We believe that the best way to make a slime gun is to purchase a standard water blaster (the kind that sucks up water and sprays it back out) and fill it with Party GOAT Instant Slime instead of water. We have listed the reasons below.

• With Party GOAT Instant Slime you can make a huge quantity of slime and have it ready to go in large tubs.
• Each slime battle pack will make a massive 40 Gallons of slime! 
• The slime packages are resealable so you don't have to use it all in one slime war.
• Quickest way to reload a slime gun for action packed slime battles!
• No need to unscrew a slime canister and add small powder satchels in the middle of battle (like other brands).
• To reload simply run back to the tub of slime, suck more slime into your slime gun and get back in the slime fight.
• Slime comes in 4 colors so teams can each have their own slime color, helping you determine the winner. 
• Vibrant colors that really stand out on your skin and clothes.
• Environmentally safe slime, non sticky and non staining. Easily washes off skin and out of clothes.
• No expensive branded equipment required. Most water blasters that suck up and spray water will work with our slime.

INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
Make lots of slime for slime games get slimed with bucket
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
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Slime battle pack slime game show bulk slime
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INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)

INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)

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Instant slime get slimed with sliming games and challenges
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Huge slime blaster refill packages

Our Instant Slime packages contain 2lb of slime powder making 32 Gallons of slime. Our Instant Slime Battle Packs contain 2.65lb of slime powder making 40 Gal of slime. That is 32 x 5 Quart Buckets full of slime! We are unaware of any other product that makes this much slime! Watch the vid to see us mixing it up. 

slime blaster review

Slime Blaster Review

We reviewed all of the more expensive slime blasters currently on the market. This included a Ryan's World Slime Blaster review, a Zimpli Kids slime blaster review, a Nickelodeon slime blaster review and a Guava Juice SplatBlaster review. We found the following problems with these products. If you watch any of the independent reviews of these brands on youtube from youtube reviewers you will see similar comments to what we have listed below - 

• Each product comes with very small slime refill packs, so that you are forced to regularly buy slime refills.
• The slime refill process is very slow - unscrew the slime canister, open small refill packet, pour the slime powder in the small hole, add water, mix it up, screw the canister back on. 
• The slime canisters are small so you are refilling them a lot. 
• The products are more expensive due to the branding.  
• The slime only comes in one color (green).
• The slime looks quite watery.

Based on these concerns we think you are fair better off with our slime blaster method using Party GOAT Instant Slime. Have a huge amount of slime ready to go, suck it up and blast it out. That way the action can continue and there is no waiting for challengers to refill their slime guns.

how to have an epic slime war slime fight slime battle

Party Goat slime can be used with most regular water blasters! Party GOAT slime is an awesome addition to a color run. Blast colorful slime at the runners as they pass by. Click here for more info on a
slime gun color run.

slime gun color run

How to fill water balloons with slime for slime bombs!

You can fill water bombs with slime in three easy steps!
1. Attach a small plastic funnel to the opening of your water balloon. 
2. Measure out 1/4 to a 1/2 teaspoon of slime powder and pour it into the balloon.
3. Fill the water balloon with water and tie it off. 
4. Shake it up and wait about 10 seconds. 

You will need to play around with the amount of slime powder to suit the size of your water balloons. A little less powder will make for a more watery slime, a little more powder will make for a thicker slime. You can also use water bomb filling pumps. Make the slime up first in the container so you can see the consistency and then pump it into the water bombs. 

We suggest you make up a huge number of slime bombs prior to your slime bomb battle so that they are ready to go. That way you won't need to refill water bombs with slime during the game. Watch the video below for more details -

how to fill water balloons with slime

Other Slime Games with Party GOAT Instant Slime!

buy slime blaster refill packs

Party GOAT Instant slime can be used for a huge number of hilarious slime games and slime activities. It is also a great addition to many fundraising events. Click the links below to learn more. Watch the video for a quick look at 10 awesome slime games!

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