How can I fill a dunk tank with slime?

Hiring a dunk tank is always a good laugh, but how about making things even more funny and epic? You can fill up your dunk tank with PartyGOAT™ INSTANT SLIME and make your party or fundraising event truly unique! Outlined below we explain in just 3 quick and easy steps how to fill up a dunk tank with slime! Click here for more awesome fundraising ideas with slime.

how to fill a dunk tank with slime

Step 1 - Get a Dunk Tank

This super slimy fun doesn't work without a dunk tank, so the first thing that you'll need to do is work out how get a dunk tank! If you are a hire business that already owns a dunk tank machine, then a slime filled dunk tank is a great way to diversify your products and to add value to each dunking machine hire. It will not only grow your income, as customers are willing to pay extra for this option, but this unique product offering will stand out from your competitors.

If you don't own a dunk tank machine, then you will need to hire one. Search for local businesses that hire dunk tanks and ask them if they have the option of hiring a slime filled dunk tank. If they don't have this option available, you can always send this page across to them so they can see just how easy and safe it is to do.

If you can't find a business who is able to hire you a dunk tank, then you might want to consider buying one or even building one of your own (there are videos on youtube that show you how). There are a few low budget options as alternatives like a bucket dunk tank where you can fill up a bucket with slime instead of water which can be dumped on the contestant's head. Check it out some great DIY dunk tank alternatives below:

Dunk tank machine filled with slime

Step 2 - Buy PartyGoat Instant SLIME

If you are doing a slime dunk tank, you will definitely need to buy PartyGOAT™ Instant Slime! Our PartyGOAT™ Slime was designed to make heaps os SLIME in a quick and very easy way. With one bag of PartyGOAT™ Slime you can make up to 32 Gal of a thick slime of your choice of color. The good news is, if you want to fully submerge the participants in slime, then the slime mix doesn't need to be too thick. With that in mind, we find that 15 bags of PartyGOAT™ Slime is the perfect amount to fill up a tank of 530 Gal, which is the capacity of most dunk tanks.
If you plan to order more than 14 bags of slime, you can contact us here for a special price.

Buy PartyGOAT Slime and slime blasters
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)
BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)

BULK INSTANT SLIME (Makes 25 Gallons)

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slime filled dunk tank
How can I fill a dunk tank with slime
How can I fill a dunk tank with slime

Step 3 - Mix the slime powder

There is no secret when making our PartyGOAT™ Slime. It really is simple! All you need to do is add the instant slime powder to the water and then mix it around in the dunk tank, bucket or container. Lightly sprinkle the powder in while stirring and mixing to make sure no clumps are formed. When it comes to preparing a big slime dunk tank, it's a good idea to add the bags of slime powder periodically, while the water is filling. This helps to mix the powder in the water and to prevent clumps. You don't need to add in all of the slime powder at once. Use a little less slime powder than what you think you'll need, check the consistency and if you think that it needs to be more thick, slowly add in more slime powder. Continue this process until you have reached your desired consistency.
If you're using a bucket dunk tank, you can use these measurements below as guidelines:

2 tablespoons of PartyGOAT™ slime powder = 1oz

1oz makes 1 Gal of Slime (mix with 1 Gal of water)

5 tablespoons = 2.5oz = 2.5 Gal = 10 Quarts (9L) 

Cleaning the mess!

One thing that people tend to worry about with a slime dunk tank or using slime, is cleaning the mess. But never fear because here we will explain everything that you need to know about the slime aftermath!

Please don't worry about your clothes as our PartyGOAT™ Slime is a non-staining formula and will wash out of clothes in a normal washing machine cycle. Trust us, we have been covered in our PartyGOAT™ Slime many, many times. 

When disposing of the slime from the dunk tank, there is a simple trick to it. Just add a bag of pool salt or several bags of table salt to the mix. The salt has properties that break down the slime, making it get back to a watery consistency which can then be easily drained out. (This part of the process will make you feel like a crazy scientist and can be quite a cool thing to show any kids that you have at your event, so make sure you get people involved for some extra fun!)
Once the slime has drained out, hose out any remaining residue slime from the dunk tank.

Safety tip - The slime will be quite slippery when it is in contact with the floor, so make sure that you have placed some volunteers nearby to help the contestants safely exit the dunk tank. This is to ensure that no one slips over on the slime and injures themselves. (These volunteers must be OK with getting a bit slimy too!)
When packing up, please remember to hose away any slime that has spilled out of the tub to ensure that there is no residual slime that could cause a slipping hazard.


When water is just not enough, PartyGOAT™ Instant Slime has got you covered! Now you can enjoy the most of your dunk tank! Instant slime is also available in a 4 color slime package that is makes 10 gallons of Green, Blue, Pink and Yellow slime. This is perfect for a range of great slime games, slime fun runs, slime gun color fightsslime the teacher fundraisers, and slime themed birthday parties!  

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slime slide

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