Top 10 Fun Run Themes Ideas for your school

The ideas are endless but we've selected 10 awesome Fun Run ideas that will certainly be a success and bring lots of fun and laughter to your next school fun run. These fun run ideas are all kid friendly, so they are great for schools, as well as other family friendly events and charitable causes! They are unusual fun run themes, most of which do not require preparation from the participants, since the goal is simply to enjoy, have a good laugh and not worry too much about pace. Fun runs are often used as fundraising initiatives for schools and other organizations, where the participants pay to run, or get "sponsored" to run, and the money then goes to the school or charity. I hope these ideas can help your event to be a hit! 

Top 10 fun run theme ideas

Inflatable Fun Run 

Inflatables obstacle courses are always a great laugh. Inflatables make it easy to do a Fun Run with obstacles and climbing walls, water slides and tunnels. Participants can bounce, slide and tumble their way through your super fun, fun run. Contact your local party hire company to see what inflatables they have available. A good hire company will handle the set up for you and have safety measures in place to ensure the participants remain unharmed. 

Inflatable Fun Run Idea
Slime fun run blaster stations colorful slimewhere to buy Slime blaster station buckets of slime

Slime Run

Here's an awesome school fundraising idea, kids love to play with slime and when you mix slime and running things get even better, so prepare the Slime Blaster Stations and get ready to get SLIMED! Click the link for a details guide on how to do a slime run!

Instant slime get slimed with sliming games and challenges
Instant slime get slimed with sliming games and challenges
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Slime pit fun run pool obstacle
Slime balloon pitch burst balloon pop game with slime
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Buy blue slime bulk supply for big event fun run PARTY GOAT
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INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
Make lots of slime for slime games get slimed with bucket
INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)
bulk slime for slime games slime bath get slimed
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INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)

INSTANT SLIME BATTLE PACK! (Blue, Yellow, Pink & Green)

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SuperHero Run

In this fun run super villains don't have a shot! Imagine having your course covered with super heroes running (or flying) together for a good cause! Participants just need to arrive in anything superhero related. I'll be betting on the Flash to be the winner. Here are some fun run costume ideas below.

Super hero fun run idea

Water Blaster Fun Run

Water gun fun run

Running on a hot day could be something very tiring, so doing a water gun fun run could be the perfect combination to get yourself a little cooler. Prepare the water stations to reload your water blaster while running and be ready to get everyone wet and refreshed! You can throw in some ice in some of the water stations to have a little freezing surprise! You could also have a few PartyGOAT slime stations to add some color and fun. Kid's absolutely LOVE slime!

Bubbles Run

This is also a very fun idea for fundraising runs where the participants are showered with bubbles or they could even go through a tunnel of foam. Remember to keep the foam machines well stocked with foam liquid, add a big tarp slide at the finish line to feel the power of soapy water and you have the recipe for fun!

Pyjamas Run

Who among us has always wished to go out in their nice and comfy pyjamas? Now your dream has come true with this incredible fun run idea! Get your good old "Banana in Pyjamas" sleepwear and bring your pillow in case you need it for a pillow fight afterwards! You will also help the parents that struggle to get their kid's out of bed in the morning. No need to get them dressed! Just send them to school in their PJs!

pyjamas fun run

Mud Fun RunS for SchoolS!

 A Mud run is a fun and great way to raise funds for your school or charity, the participants really need to be committed to the cause because getting out of it clean is impossible! Tell the kids to wear some old clothes and get ready because it's TIME TO GET DIRTY!
Click here to learn how to have a mud run fundraiser with mud run obstacles throughout the course! 

how to do a mud run mud pit mud pool
Instant Mud clean mud for obstacle fun run bulk supplies
Instant Mud clean mud for obstacle fun run bulk supplies
Mud Pie Fundraising with fake clean instant mud
Mud Wrestling Mud Recipe
Fundraising Ideas with mud - pitch burst
Instant mud - Bulk mud for wrestling, games and special FX


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Jello Crawl Pit

Want to make your mud run really unique? Why not throw in a giant pool of jello to walk, crawl or swim through. Our Easy Set Jello mix allows you to make huge quantities of Jello by simply adding water!

Jello wrestling jelly red green orange bulk jello pool bath
Jello wrestling jelly red green orange bulk jello pool bath
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Disney themed Fun Run

This is a classic run and because Disney is such a huge company now, the possibilities here are endless. Want to dress up as a Disney princess? You can. A Marvel super hero? No problem. Something from the Magic kingdom? You got it. Pixar Characters? You choose! Pick your favorite and get ready to run, because the magic is about to start! Kid's will love a Disney themed school fun run.

Holiday Themed Runs

This is an easy one, just choose your favorite holiday dress up and get ready to run! If it's a  Christmas themed run Santa is the main star, but elves and reindeer are also quite popular. If it's Easter then you'll see plenty of bunny ears and cotton tails. How about see some wee leprechauns running on St. Patrick's Day? Or the Pilgrims and Natives running alongside during Thanksgiving? Just have fun with this great fun run idea!

School Color Runs

Have you ever wondered how to organize a color run for your school? (click the link for a detailed guide). Generally, the course of a color run is divided into stations: one, two, three or more depending on the length of the course. On a 5k course, for example, the race is usually divided into four stations, each representing a different color. In each station, the participants are colored by volunteers who throw color powder at them as they run through the color station. This is a fun run where a white shirt is a must! So get ready to become colorful with this great fun run idea! Another great idea for a color run is to mix color powder stations with slime stations. If the participants are slimed first, they will be wet, which will allow the color powder to stick better at the next station. Find more info here -  PartyGOAT Slime Blaster Stations! Located in Australia? View our Australian guide to school colour runs here.

great ideas for a color run


This is a mix'n match section where your imagination is the limit! How about having a Fun Run mixing all the themes above? You can create a Fun Run with multiple stations where you start dressing up as your favorite character going through inflatables obstacle courses, then you can have a Color powder station followed by a slime blaster station to get slimed and really making a real MESS, but don't worry the messy part is yet to come! The next station is where things get dirty, you have to crawl in a mud pit to get through, then get washed by water guns and sprinklers and don't forget to go through the foam tunnel to finally finish off with that power slide on the finish line! 

What do you think about our Fun Run themes?

Let us know in the comments below what you think. Are there other fun run themes we should have included in the list? Which fun run theme would you most like to participate in? Does your school do a yearly fun run for the kids? Tell us about it! 

 Want more fundraising ideas?

Click here for a long list of unique fundraising ideas that are perfect for schools, youth groups, sports groups and non profits.

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    I already run a colour run and it’s so much fun. I would love to try a mud and slime run. It looks so nice.

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