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Holi Color Powder, 6 Color Pack! 18lbs (8.16kg) for Color Runs and Color Wars

Holi Color Powder, 6 Color Pack! 18lbs (8.16kg) for Color Runs and Color Wars

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UNFORGETTABLE FUN - Create colorful memories with our premium quality color powder. Made from natural ingredients, our color run powder is safe, non toxic, biodegradable and easy to wash off.Β Β 

18lb BULK PACKAGE - Our holi color powder comes in a 6 color variety pack with 3lb of each color. Includes: blue, pink, green, orange, purple and yellow.

EPIC ACTIVITY GUIDE & COLOR RUN EBOOKS - Gain access to our comprehensive color run guide with everything you need to know to host a fun and profitable color run, and our huge activity guide with pages full of fun things to do with color powder.

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Color Run Color Powder Chalk Holi Powder Fun run supplies

Color Powder for Color Runs!

Easy to hold, big 3lb (1.4kg) packs of color powder. Great for throwing powder at the color run participants

Color War Color Powder

We love a color party and there's no better fun than having a big color fight with all your friends. Great for youth groups and parties of all ages.

Color Powder & Instant Slime Bundles!

Want your Color Run or Color War to be even more fun & memorable? Party GOAT Instant Slime and Color Powder are the perfect combination to make sure everyone is covered in color.

How much Color Powder do you need?

Everyone's use case is a bit different for their different color powder events so here is some quick information to give you an idea of what to expect.

Color Parties with Color Powder Games!

Whether you are having a neon party, a gender reveal party, a messy party or just want something memorable for a birthday bash, Party GOAT Color Powder will add so much fun and vibrance to your festivities!

Color Powder Festivals!

If your celebrating the incredibly fun Holi Festival or your just wanting to add that extra flare to your big event our color powder will make sure your party is the G.O.A.T! The visual appeal of color powder parties will have everyone snapping pictures and sharing your events throughout the social networks.

Helpful & Fun Color Powder Guide books!

We want you to have the best time with our Party GOAT products, so we have put together a huge amount of helpful information to support your fundraising or fun making endeavors!

Safe & Reliable

Our Color Powder is made from all natural ingredients!

Party GOAT has been committed to providing the best quality supplies for the kids. We love working alongside schools & youth groups to provide unforgettable fun!

Little moments, big memories!

Party GOAT won't let you down! We're here to support you and make your events & parties the Greatest Of All Time!

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