Jello Wrestling Rules!
How to win Jello Wresting?

How to win at jello wrestling will depend on which game you want to play. Below we run through a few of the most common jello wrestling rules,  as well as teaching you some fun and hilarious game variations. 

Jello wrestling rules - how to win jello wrestling

Jello Wrestling House Rules

While jello wrestling is a contact sport the main focus should be on slippery, slimy, sexy fun. To minimize the risk of injuries we suggest you highlight a few basic ground rules.

-  No Kicking, punching, biting, hair pulling, gouging, head butting, choking etc.
- All participants must remain on their knees
- No standing (this prevents injuries from slips and minimizes the impact of the ground when being tackled).
- Nominate a referee who makes sure all competitors follow the rules
- The refs decision is final. They also have the power to eject participants for overly rough play or misconduct (see below for referee shirts).
- No Shoes (shoes can accidentally tear the base of a pool).
- If your opponent yells 'stop', passes out, or is injured in any way, the round ends immediately.

jello wrestling rules how to win

3 Second Pin Rule

The most common jello wrestling game is the 3 second pin. Contestants attempt to pin their opponent flat on the base of the pool. Once a player is pinned on their stomach or back the referee begins a 3 second count. If the player can hold their opponent in that position for the full 3 seconds they win the round and players reset their positions for round two. Games are usually best of 3 or 5 rounds. In tournaments the winner would advance to the next stage.

Steal the Shirt Rule

This is a naughty jello wrestling game that is great for spring break parties, bachelor parties and adult entertainment. The objective of the game is to be the first person to remove their opponents t-shirt and throw it out of the pit. You can use the shirts that the participants are wearing or supply them with shirts especially for the event. A good way to get the crowd cheering is to supply team tshirts. If you are tailgating for example, have team shirts for the two teams playing in the day’s game.

jello wrestling games
how to win at jello wrestling

Arm Ties or Sweatbands

The arm ties jello wrestling game is similar to the remove your opponent’s shirt rule above. Before each round participants place an arm tie or sweatband around each of their wrists and ankles (again relevant team colors can be used to generate more crowd support e.g. college colors, sports teams etc). When the referee signals the beginning of the round participants attempt to be the first player to remove all four bands from their opponent.

Photos shown are from the Monsoon Party Bar in Darwin Australia. One of the world's most entertaining backpacker bars.

Find the Object Jello Wrestling Game

Crowd Support Jello Wrestling

This jello wrestling game is a timed battle (usually 1 minute per round). The winner is awarded at the end of a round based on crowd support. The way to win in this version of jello wrestling is not only to show that you are the better wrestler but also a better entertainer. Funny, sexy or ridiculous wrestling techniques may get the crowd on your side. Once the bell sounds to end the round a winner is decided based on who gets the loudest crowd cheers. It is therefore possible to be a less talented wrestler but still win the round by getting the crowd on your side with fun antics. This is a good version to play in pubs and night clubs as it require crowd participation.

jello wrestling rules and prizes
tug of war with jello

Other Games With Jello

There is so much more you can do with a pool of jello than just wrestling. Click below for our Top 5 (non wrestling) Jello games. You will find great ideas such as Jello Tug of War (losing team gets pulled into a pool of jello).

More Games with Jello

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