What is Jello Wrestling?

Jello wrestling is a hilarious social sport in which participants wrestle one another in a pool or pit full of jello. The wrestling jello ensures messy action and excitement as the competitors slip and slide around trying to get a hold of their opponent. 

what is jello wrestling

WHo Jello Wrestles?

Anyone can wrestle in a pool of jello.  Jello wrestling is a crazy bucket list item for many people young and old. The "sport" of jello wrestling is very popular with college students, often featuring at wild college parties, for home coming and spring break celebrations. Jello wrestling is often used to draw large crowds at pubs, clubs and backpacker bars. Jello wrestling tournaments are also an effective way to raise money for worthy causes with people paying to participate or spectate. Kid's also love jello wrestling. You will rarely see a larger smile on a kid's face than when they are sitting in a pool full of jello!

Why Do Jello WrestlING?

Jello wrestling is heaps of fun! Generally the sport is not taken too seriously. The competitors as well as the spectators usually have a great laugh as the participants slide around inside the pool. The feeling of being completely covered in slippery, slimy jello is a very unique sensation that will not be forgotten. This is why so many people put jello wrestling on their bucket list! Jello wrestling can be harmless fun for the whole family. We have often witnessed kids wrestling their parents or grandparents in hysterical laughter. Jello wrestling can also be an adults only sport with a more raunchy element to the games. 

why do people do jello wrestling
Where to do jello wrestling

Where To Do Jello Wrestling?

If you would like to participate in jello wrestling the easiest way is to organize it yourself. All you need is a large inflatable pool, a package of Party Goat instant jello wrestling mix, and some friends or family to wrestle. Click here for more details on how to set up jello wrestling. Alternatively you can look for bars or clubs in the local area that may host these type of events. Backpacker bars (such as the Monsoon Party Bar) are great places to look. If they don't offer jello wrestling nights, perhaps you could suggest it. As shown they do draw amazing crowds!  

How to set up jello wrestling?

jello wrestling tug of war

Other Games With Jello

There is so much more you can do with a pool of jello than just wrestling. Click below for our Top 5 (non wrestling) Jello games. You will find great ideas such as Jello Tug of War (losing team gets pulled into a pool of jello).

More Games with Jello

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