What are the benefits of a fun run?

Fun runs are generally created to help raise money for worthy causes, such as schools or charities. As well as raising money for charity there are many physical and emotional benefits to participating in a fun run - physical health, mental health, fitness, weight loss, team building, laughter and social interaction. Below we talk in more detail about some of the benefits a fun run can bring.

Fun runs can raise money for a school or charity

Fun runs are a fantastic way to help raise money for a school or charitable organization. People love participating in fun runs so it is usually not too hard to find willing participants to sign up. Especially when you have a great fun run theme. You can raise money by asking people to donate, charging and entry fee, or requiring participants to find sponsors that will donate on your behalf. Some sponsors will donate $X amount of dollars for every lap of the course a competitor completes, this encourages the participant to run as many laps as possible to support the cause. 

what are the benefits of a fun run?

It's all about the fun

As the name says, a Fun Run is all about the fun, so you don't have to worry about winning or losing or if you never ran before or even if you're fit enough, a fun run was created so people can have fun. They are not competing against each other, so they can just enjoy the run, meet new people, create cherished family memories, raise awareness for just causes and the most important thing; Have Fun!

Fun Runs are good for your health!

Like any other exercise, running has been proven to be very effective to improve your health, and a Fun run is no different. Whether you are running or walking, as long as you're moving, it'll help you increase your cardiovascular fitness and lose weight because it'll keep you active.

Benefits of a fun run

Fun Runs are also good for your mind!

Running, like any other exercise, benefits you by releasing endorphins in your body which makes you feel good and improves your mood. In a fun run there is often the added bonus of knowing it's for a good cause, like a charity or philanthropy event. It's been proven that when you help others it makes you feel better, so running a fun run is something selfless that makes you feel great!

Fun Runs are Motivational!

Am I fit enough to complete a fun run

In a fun run you'll be running for a cause. Running for something greater than yourself and it's not only you out there so you're committing publicly to this cause. This is great motivation to push yourself to the end. It's a good first step when you're trying to improve your health, exercise and get moving. You'll see that if you're having troubles, many will try to help and motivate you. It's a good opportunity to find a long term "racing partner" to give and receive encouragement both to reach your goals. 

Fun Runs Promote Team Bonding

Will I be able to complete a fun run

Unlike individual sports, a fun run helps you to connect with family, friends, workmates, like-minded-people and with your community. Get to know your neighbors and bond with them as you'll all be running, having fun and supporting the same cause. Some fun runs further encourage  team work by encouraging groups to sign up together as a team, and complete challenging obstacles that are difficult without support from friends or colleges.  

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What do you think about our Fun Run Benefits?

Let us know in the comments below what you think. Are there other fun run benefits we should have included in the list? 

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