8 Hilarious Indoor Party Games

Thinking of having a party but don't know how to make it fun? Don't worry, we have searched the internet to find 8 really fun indoor party games to make your party the G.O.A.T! Below are some of the best indoor house party games and competitions. Grab your drinks and friends, and don't worry about how silly you may look in these ridiculously fun games.

1 - Junk in the Trunk

Each competitor must attach a small cardboard box or a box of facial tissues to their waist. This box should contain a small opening and be filled with small balls or ping pong balls.

The goal of this indoor party game is quite simple: Whoever gets the most balls out of the box (or all of the balls first) in a determined time wins. But remember, as the box is attached to the waist, to achieve this feat you will need to shake and twist your booty!

2 - Elvis Party Game

This game is played in pairs, each person connected to the other by a slinky attached to their waist. In the slinky there is a CD, which should slide until it reaches the other end.

The CD, however, is only able to follow the spiral movement and go the necessary distance if the two participants move their hips well together. The first team to make their CD roll through the whole slinky wins.

3 - Bobblehead Party Game

Using pedometers attached to the forehead, each participant must move as much as they can, making the equipment record the "steps". At the end of the stipulated time, whoever counts more steps wins.

Another version of this party game, since not everyone has pedometers, is to download an app of a step counter on your phones and use the device in the back pocket of the pants. Whoever shakes the most wins.

4 - Rattle Battle

Take two plastic bottles and fill one with small balls. Attach the other bottle directly to the neck of the one that is full. To attach them together you can use super glue, adhesive tape or even electrical tape. Now note that you have a large hourglass of plastic bottle stuffed with balls.

As soon as the timer is on, the players turn the hourglasses and must do everything possible to speed up the drop of the balls in the empty bottle, whether by shaking, turning, etc. Whoever manages to drop all the balls to the other bottle first wins.

5 - Magic Carpet Ride

This indoor party game is played on a more slippery type of floor. Each player must sit on a rug (or any fabric, such as a towel, for example). Given the start, the race begins. Whoever gets to the finish line, without lifting their butt off the ground, wins. This is also a great game for relay races and is sure to get the crowd cheering. 

6 - Knee Trembler

This party game is another race, but it requires much more skill. The competition starts with each participant trying to pick an orange (or a tennis ball, for example) from the floor without using their hands and putting them between their knees. 

After achieving this trick, the race begins. The player must make a short course with the orange stuck between the knees and can only release it in a certain area previously marked, if the orange fall off the marked area or during the course of the race, the player must begin from the start again. Whoever brings more oranges to the marked area is the winner.

7 - Face the Cookie

This indoor party game is perfect for parties full of cookie lovers. Each player must balance a cookie or biscuit on his forehead. Without using their hands, the player must take the cookie from their forehead to their mouth in order to win. But the cookie needs to stop inside their mouth, it cannot fall. In addition to killing your hunger, this game will amuse the crowd as they watch you make a thousand ridiculous faces trying to help the cookie reach your mouth.

8 - Slinky Challenge Party Game

Attaching a slinky to the forehead with the help of a type of band, the player must, only using their head or body movements try to make the slinky stop, balanced on the forehead. Whoever achieves this first (without throwing up on the carpet) wins!

These indoor party games are for all ages so have fun with the family and friends and let us know which game is the best for you!

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  • JaneApr 23, 2020

    This article was very helpful for my sister’s isolation birthday party! Great suggestions!

  • Crystel Apr 21, 2020

    I’ll try some of them in this quarantine. I liked the first one.

  • Rick P.Apr 20, 2020

    Thank you for the ideas, I’m playing these games with family and it’s so much fun, the kids love it!

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