Top 10 Birthday Party Themes for Kids 2020

We have searched the internet to find the top 10 trending birthday party themes for kids in 2020. While we know that self isolation tends to be the biggest party trend this year, eventually the virus situation will pass and there will be a lot of kids owed a party. Now could be a great time to pick up some party supplies at a discounted price! Check out the hottest kid's party themes for 2020!

top 10 birthday party themes for kids

Unicorn Themed Party!

The most searched party theme for kids in 2020 is unicorn parties. There are a huge number of unicorn themed decorations that can be purchased, along with unicorn costumes, and onesies, to make a unicorn party fairly easy to set up. Remember to include lots of rainbow colors. You can also consider a unicorn slime party.   

Top 10 birthday party themes for kids in 2020

Baby Shark Themed Party

If you can stand listening to the baby shark song on repeat over and over again, then you might consider a baby shark party. Kid's are still obsessed with this song and it makes for a great party theme.

Slime themeD party

A slime party theme can be a great idea for older or younger kids. Older kids can have epic slime battles, like in the videos. Younger kids can do sensory play activities, making stretchy, squishy, gooey slime and experimenting with colors. Click here for a full article on how to host an epic slime party with a huge number of slime party ideas. Click here to learn more about slime games and challenges.

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Mermaid Themed Party

Some DIY Mermaid themed decorations can be found in the video. Otherwise you can find plenty of Mermaid themed birthday supplies below.

Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

Dinosaurs have always been popular with kids and the year 2020 is no different. Your kids will LOVE a dinosaur party. 

dinosaur themed party ideas

Black Light Disco Party

A black light disco party is a great theme for older kids that are allowed to stay up after dark. A black light party can also be suitable for younger kids during the day, if you are able to create a very dark room inside the house, by blacking out the windows.

How to host an epic Glow Party? - Purchase a Glowave Black light kit (contains four super bright UV black lights - one for each wall of the room). Attach the lights to the walls of the darkened room and fill it with fluorescent decorations that will glow underneath the black lights.  Tell the guests to dress in fluorescent colors. Organize a dance party playlist! You are all set for a wicked glow in the dark black light party. Kids can also get artistic using fluorescent paints and highlighter pens to paint each other or create amazing glowing artworks. Head here for more information on black light parties!

black light glow in the dark party kit Glowave
black light glow in the dark party kit Glowave
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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Themed Party

With the launch of Disney Plus worldwide and so many kids trapped inside during 2020, Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed parties are back as popular favorites. Oh boy!

mickey mouse themed birthday ideas

Toy Story and Frozen Themed Parties

The next two themes are also from Disney. Hot off the release of Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2. Toy Story and Frozen themed parties are popular themes in 2020!

Jungle Themed Party

Rounding out the top 10 best birthday party themes for kids in 2020 is a Jungle animals themed party!

Jungle themed party ideas

Do you agree With our List? 

Let us know in the comments below what you think of our top 10 list for kid's birthday parties in 2020.

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  • BillyApr 06, 2020

    We are having a baby shark themed party for our boy. I can’t get that song out of my head he plays it all the time!

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