Dance party games for adults

Dance Party Games for Adults!

Want to get people dancing and laughing at your next party? These dance party games are simple to learn and fun for everyone whether you can dance or not.  

What are some fun dance party games?

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The Memory DANCE Game!

This is my favorite dance game of all time. It is easy and can get your whole party involved. 

Put on some fun music and get everyone to stand in a circle. Start the game off by doing a simple dance move. It may be the sprinkler or the shopping trolley or the cowboy lasso. Do your move for a few seconds and then stop.

The next person in the circle then has to copy your dance move and add a new dance move of their own. It may be as simple a dance move as finger guns or spirit fingers. 
You continue around the circle and people have to remember the order of the dance moves and then add their own at the end. If someone forgets a move or takes too long they lose the round and have to start the next round.
This dance game is guaranteed to get some laughs. πŸ€£

PAss The Parcel - Box Wine Edition

The dancing game/drinking game is funny and intense.  

Form a circle and dance to pass the parcel music while quickly passing around a box wine pillow.
Who ever has the silver pillow (goon bag) when the music stops has to sip the wine until the music starts up again.
If you drop it you drink as well. Wine bladders are quite strong so it probably shouldn't bust but playing on the grass is probably a good idea. 
Dancing will get better the more wine that is drunk but catching might get worse. 

Pass the goon bag dance party game
Copy cat dance party gamefunny dance games for adults

Copy Cat Dance Party Game!

Simple Dance Game. Put on some fun music and pick someone to copy their moves. They dance for about 20 seconds and then pass it on to a new person and everybody copies them. 

Best to try and come up with the silliest dance moves you can so that your friends have to copy you. 
Even the weirdest dance moves look good when lots of people are doing it. Try it at the club and see if you get random people join in.
There are no winners or losers in this dance game. 

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Blacklight Dance Party

If you're shy when it comes to dancing I recommend having a glow party with blacklights. This will make everything a little darker to disguise your faces.

Wear colorful neon clothing or paint yourself in neon paint or highlighters. Make some drinks that glow under black lights and then you'll be dancing up a storm in no time. 

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  • BarbaraApr 20, 2020

    I want a blacklight slime dancing party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Does the slime glow under blacklight? Would be amazing 😍.

  • BarbaraApr 20, 2020

    I want a blacklight slime dancing party πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Does the slime glow under blacklight? Would be amazing 😍.

  • Timothy Apr 15, 2020

    Oh, this look so much fun! Do you need to know how to dance to play these games?

  • Jessie Apr 14, 2020

    The blacklight dance party looks awesome! I’m going to suggest this for my sisters 21st birthday party. Thanks for the great idea!

  • TinaApr 14, 2020

    My girlfriends and I play dancing games like this all the time. I love it when random people start to join in at the clubs. So much fun!

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