Party GOAT - UK

Party GOAT is currently based in Australia and the USA. We are doing our best to expand our range to other areas as quickly as possible. If you are based in the UK the best way to purchase Party GOAT products is to order through our store. Products that are found in our Amazon store will be held in a local fulfillment centre in the UK. This means that you can order in GBP and have the products shipped to you quickly. Using Amazon fulfillment services is the quickest way for us to expand our global footprint. The items currently available in the UK are listed below - 

Party GOAT/Glow Party World UK Store ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Bulk Jello for Jelly Wrestling and other messy games - UK

jelly wrestling uk
jelly wrestling uk jello wrestling

Looking for more information about jelly wrestling? Our dedicated website Jello Wrestling Supply has everything you need to know about Jello Wrestling and Mud Wrestling

Bulk Instant Slime - Gunge Supplies UK

Our Instant Slime product is designed for sliming people. It is a sloppy gunge mix that feels disgusting, looks amazing, and is easy to clean off your skin and clothes. Our Instant Slime is currently available in the UK in green only. We hope to be able to add more colours to the UK range soon. Click here for information on epic slime fundraisers, or here for info on making your own slime game show with bulk gunge, or visit our Slime Guide for all our latest slime ideas and slime content.

Buy green gunge uk slime
slime for special FX gunge

Glow in the Dark Party Supplies UK

Our Glow Party World website is dedicated to helping you have the best Glow in the Dark Parties. Click the links for detailed guides on Black Light Parties. Buy the best black lights for epic glow in the dark parties from the Amazon link below.

buy black lights uk
best black lights for glow in the dark parties